Estrategia Pública Consultores

EPC has been a pioneer in the field of public-sector strategy in Mexico.

Our film specializes in the development of effective strategies to influence decisions with relevant actors in the public sector.

Our Strength

  • Personalized attention.
  • Tailor-made strategies.
  • Capacity to anticipate developments based on accurate and opportune information.
  • Close teamwork with our clients.
  • The client identifies the "what"; Estrategia Pública defines the "how".
  • The most effective lobbying is carried out by the client itself, supported with a well-informed strategy from EPC.

What sets EPC apart?

  • EPC impacts the decisions, not the actors.
  • We have designed a series of successful strategies for a broad range of clients.

Our Assets

  • We know the actors, and we know the rules and regulations.
  • A long history of outcomes that speak for themselves.
  • We do not open doors: we know how to connect with those behind doors in order to change the game.


  • We have successfully promoted conciliatory outcomes between parties and facilitated conflict resolution, helping our clients to avoid resorting to legal action.